Pang Bei (CHN)

Wu Jin Zang

The Name of the Nun

„The Name of the Nun“ is a novel by Pang Bei. It is also acclaimed as the Chinese version of Umberto Eco’s „The Name of the Rose“, a novel considered to be the ground-breaking book of knowledge-based mystery novel in the West. „The Name of the Nun“ has been listed as one of the annual global Top 10 Best Chinese Novels selected by Asian Newsweek.


Wu Jin Zang – The Name of the Nun

Pang Bei (CHN)

E-book, approx. 291 pages, published: 22.06.2021, 1st edition, English, ISBN: 978-3-906212-81-4


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Wu Jin Zang – The Name of the Nun (E-Book)

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Pang Bei, born in 1966, is a novelist, playwright and screenwriter. As a playwright, Pang Bei received international acclaim with his stage play "Life After Life", a Chinese drama, which was performed at the Festival d'Avignon 2016. As a screenwriter, he won the Golden Horse Film Festival in Taiwn with his film script "Lord of Shanghai". 

In his youth, Pang Bei shared the same career with Mo Yan, the Chinese Nobel Laureate in Literature, and Mai Jia, author of the global bestseller "Decode". This special experience has given them a global vision and the ability to reach and inspire readers all over the world.


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